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process control and automation

Telekont is the manufacturer of DAISY industrial controllers, DDC regulators, PLCs and delivers monitoring and telemechanical systems for district heating, water /gas distribution and factory automationBesides, Telekont is a manufacturer of mechanical and electronic elements as an outsourcing possibility for other companies.

DAISY controllers are modular, easy-to-use, distributed intelligence boxes or cards, with an outstanding price/performance ratio. Standard communication ( URH, telephon, GSM, internet ) and programming facilities.

Families of DAISY controllers

DAISY 2xx for military application
Daisy Flex and NetFlex general purpose module systems
DAISY 4xx specialized for district heating
DAISY 5xx small regulators
DAISY 6xx (DaisyMini) for small I/O requirements, protokol converters   
EUxx specialized for gas distribution

 Telekont delivers modules and software OEM or as a main contractor for ready to use process control systems

Characteristic fields and references
District heating regulation and supervision ( 34 cities )

Collecting data of different meters (wide range supervising systems, smart city projects )
Boiler monitoring and supervising (remote  control )
Power station process control systems ( boiler, gasmotor etc. )
Gas and water monitoring ( more then 200 RTU )
Building automation ( e.g. Hotels, Universities, Schools )
Factory automation ( different industries )
Military application ( open air application )
City range supervisor systems (lift, alarm, etc. )



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Telekont is a company from Hungarysituated in Budapest. 

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